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Music MasterWorks is a powerful music editing software that allows you to create, play, record, edit and print music. Do all these in a simple way with this easy to use music editor.

Music MasterWorks music editing software - create, play, record, edit and print music with this easy to use music editor.

It also comes with voice-to-note and singing analysis.

You may also record from your MIDI piano/keyboard or use the configurable quick keys and mouse with this music program.

Choose between staff and piano views to make your own music, and print both.


- Create and Print sheet music.
- Easy music editing & printing in either staff notation or piano roll scores.
- Point and click mouse interface to make writing music simple.
- Voice-to-Note conversion. Just sing into your microphone to create music!
- A singing lesson feature using a tune you select.
- 'Basic Mode' so you don't need to worry about the complexities of writing music.
- MIDI note & audio wave recording and playback.
- Saves to standard MIDI ('.mid' file) notational format, can be opened in almost all other music programs.
- Convert your MIDI notational song to a wave file (so you can burn your song to a CD).
- Configurable keys for the music editor, to write music quickly with the keyboard.
- Instrument Selection.
- Special Effect MIDI Controller editing (Expression, Sustain, Timbre, Brightness, etc.)
- Filtered editing and viewing.
- Chord iteration.
- Transpose and Quantize your music.
- Lyrics.
- Accidentals.
- Slurs.
- Web page music features: volume change by % and midi file append.

- 8.5 out of 10


- sound card


- 35 day trial
Music MasterWorks is a flexible, easy-to-use and powerful music editing software tool that lets you easily create, play, edit, record and even print music.

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    rpiresdasilva 7 years ago

    The official site says that I can install it in up to 3 computers, but the corresponding unlock codes needed for that have never been sent to me by support service!

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    rpiresdasilva 7 years ago

    purchased MMW 3.92 version, and according to the official site "You can install each purchased software license on up to 3 computers at a time". The program was installed in my old computer and when I asked for a new unlock code (by e-mail) for installing it in my new computer the code was never sent by support.
    They said I could use MMW 3.94 "full" version (which does not require an unlock code), but that version does not work properly. I sent several e-mails to support service but received no answers at all. Should that be a honest software I would receive complete instructions on how to install it "on up to 3 computers" with a single unlock code - or supplementary codes should be sent by e-mail. I am still waiting for an answer from "support" (order # 2008-0819-2055-56-820 - ID 3921544).


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